Top 10 Wine Cooler

Wine cooler has become more popular in recent years. Rather than going to a wine bar to enjoy a glass of wine you can enjoy it right at your own home. Nowadays you have several options to store wine properly at home.

Top 5 Small Wine Cooler

For chilling small number of bottles, the best choice is a small wine cooler.  It will not take a lot of space in your kitchen and still your bottle of wine will be chilled as it would be in a wine cellar.

Top 5 Built-In Wine Cooler

Built-in wine coolers are a great addition to your kitchen if you’re a wine lover. That way you will always have a bottle of wine nearby and at the desired temperature. Here’s a quick look at some of the best out there.

Best Wine Cooler

Wine is best drunk after a period of time though. This means storing it somewhere and to do that you need to own a wine cooler. Here’s a simple guide to buying one.

Wine storage is pretty important but it can be difficult to pick from available wine cooler brands. Your choice can affect your enjoyment of the drink.

Wine lovers should be able to properly enjoy their drink at their finest and a wine cooler can ensure that.

In the past, wine lovers had to have proper cellars to fully care for their wine. However, if you’re planning only to keep wine for drinking, a wine cooler should be enough for your needs.

Here’s a quick look at the various wine cooler options out there so that you can pick the right one.

How to Store Wine Without a Wine Cellar

Proper Wine Storage

Types Of Wine Cooler

Important Factors When Buying a Wine Cooler


How to Store Wine Without a Wine Cellar

Let’s begin by talking about why exactly you would buy a small wine cooler.

One of the fascinating things about wine is that it is very sensitive. A change in temperature can adversely affect its taste, not to mention humidity.

Keeping wine at a perfect temperature used to be only done with the help of a cellar. Nowadays, not everyone who buys wine has access to one.

It is not that necessary anyway. Most people buy wine nowadays to drink immediately. This means the important thing is to have it at the right temperature when serving.

This is where buying the best wine refrigerator possible comes in. A wine cooler or refrigerator is the best possible option for ensuring your wine is ready to serve and at its right temperature.


Wine Temperatures

Many casual drinkers think that you can just pop open a cork and drink. However, to get the best wine drinking experience, you need to drink them at their right temperatures. Different wines have different optimum drinking temperatures.

Sparkling Wines – If you like a little bubbly, then sparkling wines should be a favorite. However, to get those bubbles, you need that bottle to be cold. The best temperature for these wines is 40 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. This will result in fine bubbles instead of foam, which is fine for beer but bad for wines.

White and Rose Wines – These wines need to be kept at around 50 to 60 degrees to preserve the taste. When you’ve popped the cork and started serving, these wines should be left to sweat when served. As their temperature rises, there will be a change in taste, adding to the wine drinking experience.

Red Wine –  A lot of people think that red wine is best served at room temperatures. Admittedly, the taste is good at that temperature. However, you will find that chilling it around 60 to 70 degrees gets you the best results.


Proper Wine Storage

Some people buy wine for serving later, and that means storage. A lot of wine available on the market taste good already, so there is no need for long-term aging. Wine can be very sensitive though, so you need to store it properly.

Wine needs several things so that it can be drunk at its best. Here’s a brief look at those requirements:


The easiest way to spoil wine is to expose it to heat.Wine needs to be cold and going above 70 degrees Fahrenheit significantly affect its quality. Any higher and the wine gets “cooked” removing the flavors and aromas that make it so unique.

However, it can also get too cold for your wine. Low temperatures can encourage the cork to dry out resulting in the air coming in. This will ruin the flavor of the wine just as “cooking” does.

Temperature also needs to be stable. Varying temperature causes the wine to expand and contract in the bottle. This can result in bottle damage or further seepage.


Wine can be stored upright, however, the best way to store it is sideways. This is the traditional way to store it since it also ensures that the cork will never dry out. This is thanks to close contact with the wine.

Additionally, being laid out horizontally ensures stability. Wine experts point out that excess vibrations can cause wine to age prematurely – so you will want a wine storage option that is very stable.


Wine is traditionally stored in cellars because exposure to sunlight can prematurely age wines. It is the UV rays in the sunlight that cause a reaction in the wine. This means you have to be careful since some light bulbs also generate UV light.



The ideal level of humidity for wines is between 50 to 80 percent. This ensures that your cork won’t dry out and also so that mold won’t develop on them.

Overall, with these conditions met, you should be able to store wine for a year without spoiling them. If you need to store wine for longer – consider professional wine storage services and cellars to hold your wine.

Why a Proper Wine Cooler

When you already have a refrigerator, it can be hard to justify the purchase of a countertop wine cooler. To lay, people, they buy wine and then they just store it somewhere cold like their usual fridge. However, that is not an optimal choice if you are an avid wine drinker.

The main reason you would buy a decent wine cooler is that an ordinary fridge will not handle wine well. Your kitchen refrigerator has two purposes: drop temperatures so that your food is preserved and to eliminate humidity for better preservation. These are two big no-nos when it comes to storing wine.

Temperature and humidity are two major factors that should be properly controlled when it comes to dealing with wine. Wine coolers do wine storage properly. They can be set to a particular temperature and maintain humidity at the right level so that you get the best possible taste for your wine.

Another benefit of using a wine cooler is stability. Excessive vibrations will affect the taste of your wine – and you can expect your win to be disturbed a lot by the constant opening and closing of your fridge. A wine cooler is only meant for wine storage, so you won’t be opening it up again and again while it also provides additional stability features to secure your wine.

With all these factors, wine coolers are the ideal way to store multiple bottles of wine. However, wine coolers are not meant for long-term storage. The longest you can get away with storing wine in one is over a year, and that’s pushing it. The ideal length though is just around eight months.


Types Of Wine Cooler

Wine lovers on the look-out for wine coolers should educate themselves first. There are a lot of options out there ranging from a freestanding fridge to a built-in wine fridge.  You’ll want to know more about the various features and differences between coolers.


Thermoelectric versus Compressor Wine Coolers

Most people are already familiar with compressor cooling. This is what you usually find in conventional refrigerators. This involves using a compressor and a refrigerant to cool down the inside of the cooler.

Thermoelectric cooling is a new way to cool things and involves a rather interesting effect. The cooler passes an electric current through a ceramic cooling node. The inside part cools down while the outside area heats up. Inside, several fans are available to circulate the cold inside the cooler.

Each cooler type has their advantages and disadvantages.

The main reason that you would want to use thermoelectric cooling is that it does not vibrate as much. With minimal mechanical parts, it can ensure that your wine is undisturbed. They also tend to use up a lot less energy.

The trouble with thermoelectric coolers is that they are limited in their cooling ability. They can only have temperatures 20 degrees Fahrenheit lower than the surrounding temperature. This may not be enough for some wine types, especially in hot climates.

This is why compressor coolers are still pretty popular. They can lower the temp in the cooler to what you require. Lower temperatures can also help control the humidity of the cooler.


Single Zone Versus Dual Zone Wine Coolers

Another feature that you should focus on is the zoning of the inside of the cooler. A single-zone cooler has just one big zone with the same temp and humidity. Dual-zone coolers divide the inside into two sections that you can control individually.

Most people who buy a single type of wine should be satisfied with single zone coolers. However, if you prefer to have some variety with your wines, you will want a dual-zone cooler. This allows you to store two different wines in their optimal temperature conditions.


Wine Cooler Types

There are several different cooler types out there.

For those who are casual wine drinkers, counter-top coolers are an excellent choice. These are pretty small and are often the size of a microwave. The biggest brand can handle around 12 bottles.

Most of these coolers use thermoelectric coolers since it helps save on space. Most of them are single-zone in nature.

Built-in coolers are the next step. These coolers are placed on your counter-top. The size of a small oven, they can handle a lot more bottles and a choice between single and dual-zone types.
The main reason you’ll want to get a built-in cooler is that they can save a lot of space. If you’ve got an empty cupboard, then that’s where this can go. Thermoelectric coolers are still popular, though there are some compressor types among built-in coolers.

Finally, there are free-standing coolers that are for the serious wine lover. These are the size of a refrigerator and are often available in the dual-zone type. You can store more than 50 bottles in some of the larger ones.

These usually use compressor coolers to cool down their wine. The higher cost of operation is compensated by the more sturdy construction and other features that manufacturers load in. Additionally, you will be able to place this type of cooler anywhere it is convenient.

Important Factors When Buying a Wine Cooler

When you’re in the market for a wine cooler, the best first step is to read wine refrigerator reviews. To make a choice among them, there are several factors that you should take a look at. Depending on your needs, these will help narrow down your choices.


Temperature range

The primary concern that you should have is about the temperature. Different wines have different optimal temperatures.

If you’re a wine buyer, you most likely have a favored wine. Pick a cooler that covers the optimal temperature for that wine. This means it should range from 50 degrees to 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

You will never go above or below those temperatures since they would ruin your wines’ taste.



The next factor to consider is the size of the cooler.

Some people are satisfied with the countertop coolers that store six to twelve wine bottles. That’s a good choice for many casual wine drinkers. Drink a bottle every month or two, and you should be fine.

However, if you’re a serious wine lover and often finish a meal with a bottle, you are going to need a wider choice. It would then either be a built-in cooler or a free-standing one.

A built-in cooler is a nice choice for those who live in apartments and smaller homes. You’ll want to ensure that you have space in your kitchen though. Plus, you’ll want professional to install this cooler correctly.

A free-standing cooler is easier to deal with. Treat it like another fridge and find enough space for it.

You’ll want to be careful though if you have children. Built-in coolers are usually waist-high, and you don’t want your kids to get their curious hands on your wine selection.


Wine Protection

This is where the wine protection comes in. There are a lot of potential threats to your wine’s quality. This ranges from too much vibration to outright theft.

First of all, there’s the threat of UV rays. Long exposure to sunlight can ruin wine because the UV rays in it encourage premature aging in wine. If you can’t place your cooler in a dark place, then you’ll want to have a UV filter on its glass.

Second, tray racks are another nice feature. Vibrations can shake your wine bottles. You’ll want a way to minimize this and these racks ensure that your wine is undisturbed until you take them out.

Third, carbon filters stop outside odors from filtering into your wine cooler. Smelling the bouquet of wine is part of the wine-tasting experience, and you don’t want anything to ruin that. Carbon filters are a rare addition though, so be on the lookout for them.

Fourth, safety locks and tempered glass are essential if you want to physically protect your wines. Children, teenagers, and thieves may want to get at your wine bottles for a variety of reasons. You’ll want to protect them in the best way possible, and a lock and solid shatter-proof glass can hold them at bay.

Finally, temperature stabilizers are also an interesting choice. Temperature fluctuations can happen for a variety of reasons like power interruptions and cooler troubles. A temperature stabilizer ensures that the cooler temp is always at the same level.

This is important since rapidly changing temperatures can cause expansion and contractions in the liquid wine. Additionally, they can affect the humidity levels inside the cooler.


Cooling Type

You will also want to decide on what cooling type you will want. Thermoelectric coolers are silent and more power-efficient. However, they are limited in the temperature range that they have.

On the other hand, compressor coolers are noisy and vibrate. However, they have a wider temperature range and can handle a higher load.



The number of zones is also important. If you drink a single type of wine, then this should be enough. However, dual-zone coolers are necessary if you want some variety in your wine choices.


Aesthetics and Utility

There is also the question of how good the cooler looks and how convenient it is. For example, some wine coolers don’t fit the style of a particular kitchen. A sleek-looking modern one will not be appropriate for a wood-grain counter and classic tiles.

You’ll also want a cooler that is easy to use. This means an accessible temperature control. You should also be able to get your wines quickly.



Finally, you’ll want to pick a wine cooler that fits your budget. Some wine coolers can get pretty expensive.

If you want to get a really good gauge on the value of a cooler, use a price per bottle rating. This means dividing the final price against a number of bottles the cooler can handle. This tells you how much you are paying for storing a bottle of wine.


Protect Your Investment

Wine is very costly and valuable. Wine coolers ensure that they don’t lose their value because of environmental factors until you drink it.

With this comprehensive look at the wine cooler options out there, you should be able to make a right choice. Remember all the tips above, and you should be satisfied with your pick.

You can be assured that with all the wine cooler brands out there, one of them will be able to fit your needs and ensure your wine will be ready to drink anytime.